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It's that time again. I'm opening the door for nomination for GC's Top 5. For the next issue, January/February, we are looking for the great neighbors. Do you have a neighbor who has kept an eye on your house while you were out on vacation, fed the goldfish while you were ill, or turned off your water when you forgot to? Recognize your favorite neighbor by nominating them for the Golden Crescent Magazine.

This nomination brings one of my neighbors to mind. I was out of town in February, in search of snow-covered mountains for a snowboarding trip in California. It was when the big freeze happened here in Victoria and my neighbor called me to see if I left my facets dripping to avoid my pipes bursting from a possible drop in temperature. I didn't think about it then, but I did appreciate the phone call, though I was a few states away. Gestures like that make a great neighbor.

Let the Golden Crescent know what makes your neighbor great. Maybe we can model ourselves after them in the future and make our neighborhoods a place to raise our families and share with our friends.

Email entries to or snail-mail them to:

Jessica Rodrigo/Top Neighbors
311 E. Constitution
Victoria, TX 77901