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We are wrapping up the June/July issue of The Magazine of the Golden Crescent over the next few weeks. And that means it's nomination time. For the August/September issue we are looking for GC's top 5 public servants.

We've all had to work with them at one time or another. Just a few months ago, I sold my old car to someone and had to sign the title over to him at the DMV. Since it was an out of state title, the friendly woman behind the counter was a little befuddled. She jumped on the phone, called the state office, and had to chat with them to get some extra information. The entire time she was friendly and patient with our request.

Often times there is a stigma associated with visiting a city office, the DMV, the tax office, health department, etc. But remember that commercial from Toyota about reinventing things? It shows a DMV that serves up soft serve and offers people in the waiting room putt-putt golf and games.

For me trips to city offices aren't too bad. I find them to be tolerable as long as I have a book in my purse to keep my occupied. They also lend themselves to some great people watching opportunities.

Back to the topic at hand, GC is looking for those hard-working public servants to feature in the magazine. For this nomination, we are looking for non-elected employees at the city, state or federal levels here in the Golden Crescent.

Send your nominations to or snail mail it to:

Jessica Rodrigo/GC Top 5
311 E. Constitution St.
Victoria, TX 77901

Be sure to include the person's name, position, department they work in, contact information and the contact information for the the nominator, so we can contact you if your nominee was chosen.

If you have any questions, drop me a line at or call me at 361-574-1224.

Happy nominating.