Last week we opened the nomination for The Magazine of the Golden Crescent's next edition for Top 5 First Responders, which we announced as including law officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. I'll be honest and admit that I haven't had to interact with a lot of first responders in my time and might not know all that goes on when things happen.

Today, I received a letter in my mailbox sent to me anonymously. In the letter, it read:
Ms. Rodrigo,
I wanted to suggest including linemen to your first responder list. They restore electricity after storms or assist when someone hits a pole. They work in all kinds of weather, heat, mosquitoes, snakes, etc. There is always a threat of electrocution. It is a dangerous job, even 911 dispatchers and electric dispatchers who coordinate rescues and de-energize lines remotely. The police and firemen cannot help a victim until any threat of electrocution is eliminated even if they are first on the scene. This includes AEP and surrounding electric cooperatives.
A Co-op employee.

Maybe a it's a car accident that takes out a light pole, or a server thunderstorm that knocks out the power for an entire subdivision of homes and apartments. If this kind of scenario happens, even though local policemen, firefighters and EMS appear on the scene as quickly as possible, the utility companies are there to ensure everything is functioning as it did before.

I always appreciate mail from readers, and if I didn't get this letter in the mail, our nomination for the Top 5 First Responders may not have included an essential key to keeping the Golden Crescent safe for everyone.

Don't forget to submit your nomination for the October/November edition of The Magazine of the Golden Crescent to or send your letter to
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I look forward to reading about all the hard-working first responders in all the Golden Crescent region. If you have any questions or suggestions, call me at 361-574-1224.