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The June/July edition of The Magazine of the Golden Crescent will hit homes and locations on May 30 and features the Golden Crescent's Top 5 Gardeners. Inside, readers can learn about things to do in the region and hear from the people who are doing them. You can pick one up in your area at various locations or here at the Victoria Advocate Office, 311 E. Constitution St., in Victoria.

Meanwhile, we are closing in on the remaining three days for nominations for the Top 5 Public Servants. Mail begins to trickle in these last few days and the emails keep coming in until the end of the day on Friday. Trust me, I completely understand when life and work tag-team together to keep you busier than Santa and his elves during the Christmas season. If it makes things any easier, give me a call and let me know over the telephone. My phone is right at my desk and I can jot things down as you tell me.

I was looking at my calendar the other day and it looks like the next nomination is right around the corner, so send me the names of your favorite, hard-working public servants and why they should be featured in the August/September edition of The Magazine of the Golden Crescent. Remember, they have to live and work in the Golden Crescent region and they must be a non-elected official or non-emergency response employee who works for a city, county, state or federal agency.

Shoot me your letters at or send them to the office via snail mail at the address above. If you have questions, give me a ring at 361-574-1224