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I made it a point to listen to our President's speech on the proposed government health care program. My wife and I hoped and prayed that he would deliver a good speech, one that would exhibit his 8 months of experience and leadership development as president. In light of the evident widespread public disapproval with his political platform and the exhibited haste in signing a bill reflecting his plan, we had been yearning for him to take some serious initiatives to bring our country together, seeking "common ground" and a bipartisan effort on such a serious and encompassing issue.

I have always accepted our President as an intelligent man with the capacity to learn fast and develop into an admired leader, recognizing his challenges from his inner-city upbringing and having limited exposure to many walks of life of people in America. He began his speech extremely well, reaching out for dialogue and discussion of important differences and agreements. But then he proceeded to critically admonish anyone who actually studied his plan and whom had voiced honest concerns about the content or grey area in his proposal, accusing prominent leaders (anonymously) of lying about what he proposed in his plan. The facts are there that he had to change his report in this very speech of the number of Americans without insurance by approximately 13 million since his last speech, because that number had been included previously in the estimate as the number of illegal aliens in America without insurance. It is also a fact that his plan included provisions for professional end of life counseling to everyone, which he has also subsequently removed from the plan after this was exposed by persons who had actually read the proposed bill(s). His plan missed the mark pitifully on these two issues, which were not only controversial, but would have represented $ billions in wasteful spending in this plan. I do not condone the outburst by someone calling the President a liar, and an apology to him is in order, and has been given. But shouldn't our president be held to the same standards?

Mr. Obama openly accused others of lying in this very speech, concerning statements made that were actually true. Sadly, he openly and repeatedly misrepresented the content of his plan, as well as there being no "earmarks" in others, spending billions of dollars this year from an already huge budget deficit, that will likely only contribute to inflation during the recession we are in, making it only worse. These facts are vivid in people's minds and have caused folks to openly protest his proposals, proposals which still do not provide straight answers on where the money will come from, and whether Americans are willing to foot the bill for another proposal which includes evident loss of personal freedom for individuals to choose their health care coverage, and medical options.

The discussion has to take place about the proposal's inherent negative impact to the American will to excel, prosper, and develop innovative practices and equipment under a socialist system. History tells a vivid story of socialist systems that have failed, stealing the freedom and life-blood of their society and economy. This is a huge issue with nearly all Americans concerning this proposal! His plan means MONUMENTAL change in political and economical philosophy in an extremely successful country, the USA! People, this is what scares Americans to death, and they have to suffer through accusations of being racists to have these sincere feelings as proud Americans! I will not be stifled by such accusations.

No other country in the world has matched what America has produced and developed for mankind under a capitalist and democratic system. A system that allows individuals and individual businesses the freedom to take risks, be successful (or fail), and reap the benefits of their investment, and without overbearing and strangling government constraint. America is an amazing and wonderful country! Can we keep it that way and make it better? We are not a heartless nation! We can be compassionate and uplift those that are struggling, as we have exhibited time and time again throughout history, and like no others have!

I still pray that our president will develop as a leader and bring our country together. Leadership is much more than smooth talk and writing hot checks. I want him to succeed, but with honor, and by fulfilling the will of the American people and recognizing our proud heritage. The continuation of false remarks, partisan decisions on issues that shake the core values of Americans, continued display of arrogance, and continued disregard for sound budget management will continue to drive a wedge between the President and American citizens, and will only heighten the dis-trust and civil unrest.

Mr. Obama, I pray that you recognize your responsibility as our President and Commander In Chief. Stop campaigning for office, and be the leader that brings our country together, with honor, and promoting peace and prosperity. God bless our President, and may God continue to bless America!