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My friends, what I wish to point out today is that while many of us are spending time fending off accusations of being a this or that, those important things that we value, like freedom and liberty are under assault. The priorities of our Senate and Congress are obviously misguided. As we speak, they are piddling away their time, bashing one of thier colleagues for something he has already apologized for. Mr. Wilson's apology was appropriately directed to Mr. Obama - done deal, move on. I am more upset by the president being allowed to keep so many clouded statements going, they can't recognize or they are allowing him to utilize a double-standard immunity.

What has become so apparent is that those who are working so diligently to replace our American heritage of free enterprise and competition with a socialist system of big government are utilizing the accusations of racism to shut down open speech and debate! There are many good people that feel the same way I do. They are sitting idle because they personally despise racism and don't want the label or the hassle to defend themselves. I firmly believe that this is the desperation attempt being used to promote the agenda of the far left, as exhibited by former President Carter in an interview, only yesterday. Check it out - truly despicable comments.

I believe that we now have naive and idealogical individuals in government positions, short on knowledge and experience of 20th century world history, that want to change America to something else, and doing so very quickly because of recent events. In my opinion, their intentions are good, but severly misguided. The United States of America is a model of success, envied by all of the world. We have changed and adjusted through the decades and centuries because of our Constitution and the collective will of the people. We cannot allow our government to self-implode on idealogy. Acknowledging what is at stake, can't we focus and join together on what the true issues are, before it's too late?