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By GRANDPA in Who threw the first stone? September 17, 2009

This is a re-posting in light of Democrats forcing through their own agenda on health care.

I will echo some of Walter Williams comments in the 9/24 Advocate editorials. I have been working on this one for a little while, but it looks like the perfect fit behind WW.

What has made America the envy of the world? I will venture to say that it is our willingness to stand up for what's right, fight for, obtain, and protect our freedom. Our freedom of speech, religion, to have the ability to get an education(free if you can't afford it) so that we could be whatever we want to be, and make as much wealth that we want to to enable us to meet our individual wants, and where our education will take us. This freedom for individual citizens, utilizing a "free market system" has made the United States of America the strongest nation, with highest standard of living in the world!

I could go on and on, but that is basically why people want in, and not out, and why no other nation can compare to what we deliver. What the President and liberals want to put in place is a violation of our precious liberty and an infringement on quality and availability of health care within a free-market system in America. What they propose infringes on not only our our liberty to make choices, but in our ability to continue to provide productive contributors within a profession that is based on quality and the personal rights to want more out of life.

America is the land of opportunity, where choices are made upon people's free will to produce and reach for their individual dreams to succeed. Our Constitution supports these principles of freedom, and not that anyone be entitled to anything without the support of the people as a whole. Really folks, for those that want change, any change, and more change, is this really what you had in mind? If it is, you should be careful what you wish for. It just might come true, and you may not like what you get, when you get it. How could anyone not consider the mountainous debt that will be left for generations to come, after a history of government mismanagement and waste in every program the government has run?

My conscience tells me that there just aren't enough hot checks to go around any more. The "facts" presented by our President have changed many times for this subject in the last two months. I am alarmed at the haste and misinformation coming from our president that is causing extreme distrust. The natives are restless, and for good reason!

Our economy held in there very well until the housing market (nationally) went bust. What caused the recession to be as bad as it is? Answer: the default of loans given to individuals who did not have the financial means to repay them, or meet the payment structure...along with stock brokers creating their own "pyramid" by grouping loans and selling them as stock, which were eventually worthless due to the defaults. Who bought up the worthless stock? Banks, and financial institutions. Who facilitated the loosening of strings for these unqualified loan recipients? Bill Clinton, Barnie Franke, Chris Dodd, and Nancy Pelosi, through their political influence as the "majority" party. Who were in charge to provide oversight? The same people. Then they sat there in the last year of the Bush presidency, knowing the economy was about to implode. The Republicans sat on their hands as "everyone was getting along really well". Who bailed out the financial institutions with hundreds if billions and piled on hundreds of billions more in so called "stimulus" giveaways? Our government, led by the president, with your/our tax money, yet to be collected. Our president has been throwing money at this since he took office, and it's not likely to end soon, with continued display of lack of discipline in managing the till.

It's a nice thought that all Americans should own their own homes. An extremely idealistic concept, and look what it got us. Key Democrats manipulated policies to allow free flow of cash for loans. Looks like the well went dry. Imagine that.

It's a nice thought that everyone should have free health care, provided by the government, at taxpayer expense. Another idealistic thought, just not practical, if you expect our collective sense of freedom and the soul of this country to not be scarred by it's effects.

And let's see, everyone should have a home, free health care, and oh yes.. an automobile in the garage provided or subsidized by the government, at taxpayer expense. Just wait...A home would not be complete without free electricity, water, sewage, cable TV. Where does it end?

I am not joking...where does it end? Why would Americans want to burden themselves with holding down a job or excel at a profession, when so much would be free or subsidized? Who would be the entrepreneurs that would want to be successful so that the government's appetite is fully fed? Why not party on and just live at Momma's house?

There has yet to be a federal program that has operated within the funding initially intended, and has not been riddled with fraud and abuse. Why would anyone think that the numbers being quoted will pay the bills, now or in anyone's lifetime under a government-run program? Can the left not even consider how this approach will affect the will of Americans to strive and work hard, key components of an already successful nation and economy (before the idealists upset the applecart)?

Sure, there are government-provided programs that serve many needs. But by and large the public has put their stamp of approval on them and are already paying for an enormous amount of things. Having good public schools, highways, and a strong military, police, system of justice, and taking care of the elderly are a few that are extremely important in my books. I can handle when options are presented locally for hospitals, schools, and the like to benefit our children and our community. I can support that.

There are inefficiencies in all government-run entities. The bigger they are, the more wasteful they are. The public can keep a better eye on things when there is local control. It's as perfect a system as it gets.

Check out what those countries pay in taxes that have free and "government rationed" health care. Take a hard look at what they are giving up to be able to afford the watered-down system that they have. What we're blindly working toward here is that fewer people will be able to afford to own homes and fewer will even have jobs, because both the public and their employers will be taxed to the hilt, just as they are in Canada and Britain. Check out what it takes to own a home in Britain and keep up with the taxes. They have to be virtually millionaires to own a modest home comparable to middle-class America.

Closer to home, look what is happening in California. They are simply taxed out. The government restrictions and obscene entitlements have bankrupted what was once a great state.

I'm still praying that our leadership will wake up, listen, and heed our Constitution. I pray that they stop tearing our country apart by its roots, and stop violating our heritage, our liberty, our freedom, and our values as hard-working Americans.

I pray that they do not exercise their forceful decisions of government intrusion. Such acts are of tyranny, not of progress. Increasing government interference and obstruction to our liberties introduces a "cancer" on our society, which may be either uncurable, or extremely painful from the division and violent conflict it will likely create. I hope that all Americans will defend their liberty and join the resistance to the continuous handouts and entitlements that will be the downfall of our great country. IT'S OUR COUNTRY, NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S!