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It has become very apparent that our President and Congress are not interested in moving our nation forward, but are continually exhibiting their efforts to further divide. The open and repeated taunting of all those in opposition to their policies makes this most evident. They turned their backs to a clear-cut majority that do not want the government intrusion in our lives, by formally shoveling the federal healthcare legislation down our throats.

It is profoundly evident that the majority of Americans feel we are at the extent of what we are willing to support without further drawing on the backs of hard-working Americans from the government till, present and future. But wait, then there is the issue of violating the rights of every American through the federal mandate to "purchase" insurance. We do still have a US Constitution don't we?

The far left want to revert back to historic decisions on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, as vindication to their tyranny, but those acts were bi-partisan to help the elderly and most-needy. There is still likely widespread support of a majority to keep those entitlements solvent for their intended purpose.

Then, who can argue that physicians and professionals won't leave the profession in record numbers, leaving few resources to handle the masses, through pre-determined procedures and fees set by the Feds. Oh yes, then the IRS gestapo will hunt you down if you don't pay your percentage of "gross income" on your federal tax return. Then the massive cost increases being a new burden to the states, will require even more taxes and source of funding - taking funds away from other needed areas like education and hiways.

The list goes on... The funding for coverage of "children" up to age 26 is not only wasteful of tax dollars, does not promote personal responsibility, but rather lessens initiative and productivity of young people,already an issue of concern.

What has also become so apparent is that those who are working so diligently to replace our American heritage of free enterprise and competition with a socialist system of big government are utilizing the accusations of "racism" and "hatred" to shut down open speech and debate! There are many good people that feel the same way I do. The far-left is using scare-tactics on good people who personally despise racism and bigotry, yet may emotionally avoid such criticism. I firmly believe that this is the desperate attempt being used to promote their socialist agenda and draw on the emotions of Americans rather than their obligation to acknowledge the rights and liberty of Americans. Is healthcare, housing, food, and transportationa current or future "right" of Americans, and all those who wish to enter, legally or illegally, funded by tax-payer dollars? Isn't this where we are headed with our current leadership?

I believe that we now have naive and idealogical individuals in government positions, lead by our President, short on knowledge and experience of 20th century world history, that want to change America to something else, and doing so very quickly because of recent events. In my opinion, their intentions and actions severely misguided.

The United States of America is a model of success, envied by all of the world. We have changed and adjusted through the decades and centuries because of our Constitution and the collective will of the people. We cannot allow our government and society to self-implode on idealogy.

Mr. Obama has taken the position of one of the poorest leaders our country has ever had, former President Carter. His naive and idealistic policies are not only bankrupting our government, but are ineffective in the "real world". The continual taunting of opposition, and display of "want-a-be commedian" on sensitive issues of liberty and freedom, that people hold so dearly, are likely out of the reach of his understanding or caring. It's as if he believes Americans are too ignorant to see the truth. Such display will only further divide this nation, as Americans are taking more interest and learning more every day as a result of these actions of disrespect.

Acknowledging what is at stake, can't we focus and join together on what the true issues are, before it's too late? Let us hold up those that represent our Consitution and limit government intrusion in our lives, so that life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness is forever preserved.

We can carry out the will of the people at the local and state level without more Federal Government intrusion. The election process is our rightful means to replace those that disrespect our American heritage and elect those that represent the values we share.