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FROM SUNDAY, AUGUST 9 ADVOCATE: #1.RUKIDDINGME: FMI,what do they change every year? Is it just a mandated effort to measure how much of a force fed subject can be regurgitated each year? Is it a COMMIE or EDUCATION NAZI plot to see if the American public can figure out what they're doing to our kids?

2. A statement in J.R. ORTEGA'S "Breaking down TAKS test results" made me scratch this Rusty old head. If the so-called Academic Excellence Indicator System report cited doesn't give complete, or logical, information how can the "education wizards" expect Texas students to "perform" at a certain level? I'm quoting J.R.s article, ".. data from..the AEIS system report about the class of 2007 showed that 20.9 percent of dropouts were female, while 17.7 were male." Rusty's ramblin's here: 20.9% F +17.7% M = 38.6% subtotal were humans leaving another 61.4% of WHAT? Do these figures reflect the physical/sexual BODY makeup of the students? Or, the percentage of LIFEFORMS attending school?

3. An article on teens texting while driving said "..teens are invincible", Certainly, they're often UnCONvincible."