Do letters to the editor ever compel you to reply or send questions to the readers as well as to the author?

This is a small excerpt from Wm. Paul Tasin's letter to the editor, July 12, 2009 entitled "Our nation needs to be healthy once more". "We need to mentor newlywed couples. But how can we mentor when our own lives are corrupted by shopping on Sunday, gambling, media and contraception? We each need to examine our own lives and see where we need to change. When our homes are uncontaminated, our nation will again be healthy. Wm. Paul Tasin"

FLIP WILSON'S favorite excuse for everything was, "The devil made me do it." Did the fallen angel prompt Rusty to ask these questions?
WPT: Regarding your, "We need to mentor newlywed couples." How, in every aspect of their honeymoons? Good idea, EXPERIENCED mentors can help them observe and evaluate which one of at least nine different ways, demonstrated step-by-step, to use to consummate their marriages so they'll always achieve the ultimate climax for all their efforts in life. Just who, after ten years experience, would you recommend to do this delicate training? #1. A childless couple? #2. A couple with only one kid? #3. A couple on welfare with nine kids? Or, #4. A couple half way to their minimum goal of two dozen? You're a strong advocate against shopping on Sunday, gambling, media and contraception. If couples #3 & #4 would abstain from Bingo at the parish hall, had not been hampered by a papal media, and were smart enough to use contraception they wouldn't have to shop on Sunday. July 13, 2009 at 3:11 p.m.