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MSNBC, under weird news, told 150 people were sickened when some gal didn't know when to stop spraying her perfume. Why do people apply so much SMELLUM other than to cover up severe B.O.? Are they extra hopeful (amorous), have nose trouble, insensitive to how it affects others around them, did their mamas not teach 'em anything, totally unconcerned, or just plain stupid? When our son worked in a "clean room" at TI the chip making process was so delicate that nobody was to were any scents whatsoever, none, no foo foo juice, scented deodorant, after shave, etc. Did it stop some heifers, not a bit. There'd be total denial when he'd mention this at the end of a shift. If he bet' em he could dig their smocks out of the laundry cart, he'd win but they just couldn't believe it. We used to joke about what we called "cat-house baths" that consisted of maybe a couple swabs with a wet wash cloth and some strategically splashes of body powder or sachet. Rusty was complaining about the offensive odour his clerk wore, grandma Charlotte said buy a flavor you like and very delicately give it to 'er. It seems like a little more expensive bottle of Avon did the trick. Lots of gals didn't know when to stop with Vanilla Musk when it came out. Back to Fort Worth, what is your guess for what the dangerous - as the cowboys said "par-fume" was? Is this prevalent in certain groups?