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This refers to the blog about being heard. JUSTAMOM: I liked that letter BUT Petitions sent to Congress members aren’t worth the postage wasted mailin’ ‘em in. If they contain 10,000 signatures your cause would benefit more from 50 personal, handwritten letters than all those names. Since every piece of mail that comes in gets stamped and logged in, a petition counts as ONE piece of mail. Your senator or representative has a lot more clout when he/she can say, “I got 50 letters today opposing XYZ Bill” than saying that a 2 inch thick petition arrived.. SPEAKERS at our public policy class at UHV 3 or 4 years ago VERY EMPHATICALLY stressed that petitions are worthless in Washington D.C. They're bound up with big rubber bands, stuffed in folders and filed away. Besides phone calls, the most effective communication with Congress is PERSONAL HAND WRITTEN letters. Next best are personal TYPED and SIGNED letters. ADDRESS each one PERSONALLY to the person you send it to. If you want to send a severely CONDENSED copy of the letter on Glenn Beck's web page, ATTACH IT to YOUR letter. All you have to do is list each point you’re opposed too. No longwinded discussion is required, those people don‘t have time to read it. Chances are they have two million copies of it already.