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In order to cut down on postings whenever an idea hits me, we’ll try listing multiple questions per posting. One tradeoff is asking for BLOG HIT COUNTERS thanks to Ringer’s idea. Your efforts might help bunches by including BLOG HIT COUNTERS in all your blogs and/or comments.

  1. WHAT to do with fans that interfere with “in play” baseballs? Today, the Astros lost at least one, maybe two, runs because some overly exuberant fan reached out and touched a ball going down the third base line. The Astros lost by one run. A. Escort ‘em out of the ballpark? B. Run ‘em through a belt line of thirty irate fans of the team impacted by their stupidity? C. Take their beer away? D. Make ‘em clean up two whole sections of the grandstand after the game? If they miss their ride home, too bad. B.
  2. How do you keep the birds from pecking your figs or other fruit?

  3. Did you ever candle eggs? How did you do it?

  4. If you are now, or ever have been, in law enforcement would do it again if you were just starting out now? Why or why not?

  5. Do you believe in demons? Why or why not? In Leonard Pitts’ column, “What does a homosexual demon look like? Prepare us who don’t know” yesterday, he made fun of a video depicting an attempted exorcism of a sixteen-year-old boy. Advocates for gay youth were calling for an investigation because they thought the church people were abusing the boy. Some folks would explain that the boy’s flopping around on the floor and vomiting were manifestations of the demons within.

If you were in a home inviting people to church and the hackles on the back of your neck stood on end and goose bumps on your arms accompanied a major chill, what would you call the situation? If there was a strong sensation of evil in the room and it was coming from a man across the table from you, what would you say was happening?

Pitts stated, “I’m just hoping you’ll tell me what a homosexual demon looks like. I’m afraid I may unknowingly run into one, so please help me sharpen my gaydar.” He alluded to the fact that he’d like to see a demon. Would he really?

  1. Nobody has explained to me why, in the recent housing crises, they keep building more flippin’ houses. All the greedy turkeys are achieving is stealing more habitats from the wild critters and putting more and more strain on our natural resources. If the number of housing units were to be static for a while there wouldn’t be places for all these illegal aliens to live. Therefore reducing the burgeoning demands on community infrastructures. We have NO obligations to make things so attractive to all these illegals.

    1. Here are some of my latest wire wrapped gemstones and earrings:

When this slab is not being worn as a pendant it can be hung in a window.


This purple opal jasper cab was bought for our D-I-L but she was kind enough to say, "If you can sell it go ahead."


My mom wanted this one shown sitting on her hand. Image

These zipper pulls are called Grandpa's Buddies Image

This is a polished chunk of red & black Arizona Petrified Wood: note the reflection of the tree branches outside the window.