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In GRANDVIEW OUTDOORS we found these.

February 23, 2011 — The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) proposed draft rules on Wednesday that would allow only catch-and-release fishing for bonefish, a premier saltwater game fish in Florida. The proposed rules would also establish new provisions regarding the possession of bonefish by anglers and the possession and transport of bonefish during bonefish tournaments.

$35,000 Grant for Missouri Elk Restoration Approved The Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation has approved a state agency's request for $35,000 to implement an elk restoration plan.

2011 NWTF Grand National Calling Championships Every year, the best turkey callers in the world descend upon the National Wild Turkey Foundation’s National Convention to compete in the various calling competitions during the 4 day event.

Maryland's Felt Boot Ban Affecting Fishing Retailers Maryland will become the first state to ban the felt-soled fishing boots that an invasive algae uses to travel from stream to stream. But the ban will have consumers scrambling to replace gear and retailers left with boots they can no longer sell.

Biologists Continue Study of Elusive Canada Lynx Wildlife biologists in north-central Washington are trapping and collaring Canada lynx this winter to continue their study of the elusive cat.