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On the PARENTING online page we found this:

10 Common Health Emergencies And How to Deal With Them Whether or not you should call 911 if you see blood, burns and other everyday accidents By Stephanie Dolgoff

Regarding bee stings: . "The newest thinking is that the speed of stinger removal is more important than the method," says Dr. Zibners. You can use tweezers, pinch it between your thumb and forefinger, or scrape it out with a butter knife or credit card. .." WAIT A MINUTE FOLKS!!! All the first aid training my noggin has taken in over the past 55+ years said, "If at all possible, scrape the stinger away from the skin rather than pinch it or use tweezers to pull it out THUS LESSENING THE AMOUNT OF ADDITIONAL POISON BEING INJECTED into the wound site." What'er your feelings about this?"