Blogs » WHY ARE THEY IN THE POT? » FOXFIRE BOOK #1 tells about doing things BY THE SIGNS. DID/DO YOU, or your family, do this?


In 1966 an outsider took a high school teaching position at Rabun Gap in the Appalachin Mountains of North Georgia. When his students couldn't explain the often heard topic of "planting by the signs of the Zodiac and the stages of the moon" they were told to go ask their parents about the age old practice. That information was the start of a magazine, done by the students, which evolved into the FOXFIRE BOOKS with international readership. What has been your experience with plantin' crops, hog killin', wood cuttin', dehornin' cattle, buildin' fences, cuttin' shoats and calves BY THE SIGNS"? Thanx (sp) for your input. Rusty