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America seems to be obsessed with the first "black" man running for the presidency, and in the process, disregarding the specifics of his running platform. I am trying to understand why Senator Obama is considered "black." As I recall his heritage is Kenyan (black) and Caucasian (white). Understanding genetics, that would mean he inherited 50% of his genes from his father and 50% from his mother. This is my question, "If a person inherits an equal amount of "black" and "white," how do you determine their classification?" (Classifications seem to be very important in this world of ours.)
Once again I will return to science; the color of our skin is determined by the amount of melanin pigment our body expresses. "Black" people tend to express a large amount of melanin. Senator Obama doesn't appear to express a lot of melanin pigment. His skin tone seems a lot paler than many of my "white" and "brown" friends.