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I started in this H-E-B Slim Down Showdown contest because I want to improve my health. I want to live a long time and enjoy my Grandsons. I want to get off of as much of my medications as I possibly could. I want to lose weight!

I mentioned in an earlier blog about having been on a variety of 'diets' with no real success. Then something occurred to me... The first three letters of 'diet' spell die! I want to LIVE! Instead of a diet I need a "LIVET"!

Within this program and with the guidance of the wonderful folks at H-E-B I have been able to get myself going on a new plan for life... a "LIVET".

It's been a little more than a month and I have dropped 20+ pounds. More importantly I have lost 6 inches off of my belly (also a chin or two). Even more importantly my glucometer readings have shown my blood sugar drop from 260 to the low 80's!!! Even more importantly, I FEEL GREAT!

Please keep following my "Get Healthy Journey". On my other blog I have been posting more tips that have contributed to my success thus far. I also have been posting some delicious healthy recipes. I promise to continue posting more of both.

By all means get on over to find my picture (mine is of the handsome man with the name 'Randall' beneath it), and click on my face. Read my blogs, click "like" and leave a comment. I need these likes and comments in order to win this contest. If you really like my blog entry a lot click on 'share' and post it on your favorite social network site. I can only get points if folks will do these 3 things, and that is half of the contest. I PROMISE to keep eating right and working out - this is the other half of the contest. Thank YOU for your time. Randall