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For the past seven months, the smell of coffee, home-made tortillas and the sound of Spanish chatter at Japaleno's Cafe has made me feel right at home.

I'm sad to re-announce that Japaleno's Cafe will be shutting it's taco-selling doors on Dec. 24.

Therefore, I will no longer be ranging at this location.

But believe me, it's been great.

Japaleno's had such a welcoming atmosphere.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 a.m., I would park my car toward the back of the parking lot and enjoy the walk to the restaurant's double doors.

I was greeted with the same smiles and courtesy from both the employees and customers day in and day out.

Smiles like that of Rodolfo Torres, who liked to start his morning with a cup of coffee and conversation with his good friend.

Or Mike Herbold, who was there in his corner at 7 a.m. sharp, sometimes.

Pretty soon, I became a regular myself.

I had my preferred seat and all the waitresses knew I wasn't going to order anything, just a glass of water.

Sure enough, that glass of water was there.

At the end of my morning, they'd say, "Tienes todo, ya?" or "You have everything you need already?"

I did.

And much more than they would probably ever know.

The people at the restaurant may not realize it, but they helped ease me into a new place in my life - Victoria.

Thank you again for supporting me and other ranging reporters by allowing us to use your wonderful restaurant as a place to grow and reach out to the community.

To Leticia, who owns the restaurant, your dedication to Victoria goes much further than serving your loyal customers.

Thank you.