• “Drama", I acted out the part of an elephant and participated in a “mime troop”. There were a lot of hot girls in class, at Stroman. Usually we guys make fools of ourselves over a hot girl, I simply choose to do so over many hot girls at once.

    I guess you could say I was already developing a habit of being more efficient. I really miss the girls they were lots of fun, especially the older ones that were in their last year. I remember this one hot popular girl that gave me a ride home, I was embarrassed because I lived in a poor neighborhood, but she was kind to me even when her boyfriend was a jerk. I offered to beat him up because he was rude to her that day, but she just smiled and said no thanks. I still have the picture she gave me of her somewhere, wonder what happen to her?

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    June 4, 2009 at 8:47 a.m.