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Ranging reporter J.R. Ortega was at Ramsey's Restaurant talking to people about what they will remember most about 2010.

Personally, completing a full year at the Advocate is my most memorable moment. I still consider myself a young reporter, so being able to say I'm growing at a place I enjoy is the highlight of this year.

What will you remember most about 2010?

Here is what people at Ramsey's had to say:


“We are two sisters married to two brothers and we took a vacation to Belize. It was nice to get reacquainted.” Tammy Barnett, Goliad, Teacher


“The economy and the gas prices. Remember that?” Debbie Fancher, Ramsey’s Restaurant, Victoria


“Just being very thankful that we have jobs.” Janie Robles, Bloomington, nurse


“My first full year of retirement and not having to get up at 4 a.m.” Lana King, Inez, retired