• I'm going to be praying for my New Year's Resolution: To be able to finish building our new home without making Rick Madrid mad. That he may find favor with our electrician and not make building our home the most horrible experience that he did when we started our business here in Victoria. GOD help us as we begin this experience of having to deal with this man down at city hall. May he not make us cut down all our trees just because he says so like he did when we were starting our business-- also God, may he not have any bad days so he won't take out his anger on us in case we need an inspection on that day. Please GOD, help our architectural home plans be flawless for his highness. May Mr. Ray also find favor with us.......that everything will be to his liking.... May the secretaries@ city hall continue to have a smile on their faces, being glad to serve their community and being of good cheer for the residents (who pay their salaries with their hard earned tax dollars). Oh Lord, may we be pleasing to our new neighbors. AMEN

    January 2, 2011 at 8:22 p.m.