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I apologize to everyone for not blogging as often as I should while over here in Reno. I'm learning so much and working on assignments to help understand those learnings that I'm so tired by the end of the day.

A lot of what we have learned in the Maynard Institute program can be applied to the Victoria Advocate. An even stronger online presence, stronger videos, packages, etc.

Currently, we are in our final week here at the program and speakers are helping guide us on the best way to go back to the newsroom and disperse the information. I'm personally working on a lesson plan for our newsroom. It will be four brown bag lunches about four of the most important topics.

Search Engine Optimization, video, copy editing and social media advances have been some of the most important items I feel I our news organization can apply to the our print and online product.

For a while, the Advocate has pushed for reporters to better understand writing online headlines. I cannot stress how important this is when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

I won't get much into that right now, though. I'm not about to give away my secrets!

Just wanted to let readers know that I'm still alive and in Reno learning, having fun and staying busy.

I will be back in the newsroom July 6. I can't wait. Not reporting for a month is difficult. I miss the region, the paper and of course our loyal readers.

See most of you all very soon!

Here is a photo of me and the other Maynardians at Lake Tahoe.