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Great news for me and for Victoria.

I learned today that I was accepted into a fellowship I had applied for early last week. The Robert C. Maynard Institute has a multimedia editing program that I have heard is very educational and useful in the journalism field.

I will be gone throughout the entire month of June in Reno, Nevada but I will be back in Victoria July 1. This is my first fellowship and I must say I am very excited on both a professional and personal level. Not only will I be able to bring back what I've learned to the newsroom to help provide the paper with new techniques and strategies to give you, the readers, better news coverage, but I will be able to experience life outside both my hometown and Victoria.

I have traveled to several states in the past. I stayed in Tennessee and California for a month during a high school spiritual retreat and it definitely was an experience in itself living outside of reality for a while.

Since I will be gone for a month, I've decided the one way to reach the readers is through this blog. I will blog about observations I make and anything interesting I learn for everyone to see.

At the institute I will learn more about social media in journalism, working with audio and video to make for stronger news and feature packages and much more. My head is already spinning just at the amount of interesting seminars there will be.

This will also be a great opportunity to network both professionally and personally. Only 12 applicants are accepted into the fellowship so I'm sure a couple of us will grow to understand each other.

Meanwhile, I have to finish up stories I have already planned for this month and get started on some bigger pieces I planned on working for June. (After all, I don't want to not be featured in the Victoria Advocate for a whole month!)