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I find myself turning every couple of minutes and looking at my editor's window. I can see rain slipping down the glass panel. Finally.

For those of you who don't know, I can be a bit psychotic when it comes to weather.

I can remember being about 5 years old and propping open my mother's kitchen window and being consumed with that initial scent and feel of falling rain. I'd hover close to the black window screen and feel the broken up rain drops mist my face.

I was fascinated.

Even as a kid, the sound, smell and feel of rain falling was always so cleaning and renewing.

As equally beautiful as Mother Nature can be, it can also be hideous.

It's the yin and yang.

Now that I'm older, obviously my fascination with all weather phenomena has heightened. Just earlier I was telling Julian Cavazos, the Advocate's education reporter, that I can't wait for hurricane season to come into full swing. In 2008, Hurricane Dolly, which was fairly weak, slammed into the Rio Grande Valley. I was in Edinburg at the time but still felt the full effect of the storm as it entered through Port Mansfield. Believe me, I knew at what hour of the day the National Hurricane Center would revise the hurricane track, if at all. It was always so thrilling to see it move closer and closer and to see the cone of uncertainty tighten as it moved closer inland.

This year will be my second hurricane season as a full-time reporter here at the Advocate. This past hurricane season was uneventful. Already, I'm volunteering myself to stay at the Advocate to bunker down and cover what needs to be covered. I'm even going to go as far getting to know families in along the coastal area because I have this vision of chronicling a family's entire experience through an article, photos and video.

I'm not saying I'd want a hurricane to affect this area. I know firsthand how devastating they can be. It's been more than forty years and still the older generation can remember how horrible 1967's Beulah was.

I guess you can say it's just the nature of my beast.

Image This is a photo I took back in 2005-2006, I can't recall. Strong thunderstorms in Hidalgo County were producing funnel clouds throughout the area. Yes, I stuck my head out the window, turned around and snapped some photos. Heck, if there wasn't so much construction going on, on the expressway during that time, I would've pulled over onto the shoulder and shot video, haha.