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I still remember the feeling of my heart inching its way up into my throat.

I took those final steps up the stairs of the Victoria Advocate dressed in a khaki pant, and salmon-colored shirt for my first full-time job.

For being a reporter, I was quite shy. I was the newbie.

It's hard to believe that was a year ago, May 19.

Now I'm fully comfortable in my own skin and people finally know the real me and how loud and annoying I really can be.

Hah! Wish you wouldn't have said you liked me during my brief interview with each of you last year, right?


Truth is, I can't even begin to describe the experience I've had here at the Advocate in just this year alone. This opportunity has allowed me to travel an area I still consider myself new to. I've covered breaking news stories, shootings, drownings, flooding, deaths, different health stories, really, the list is endless.

However, rather than going on and on about what I've done this year, here are some plans I have for this upcoming year:

  1. I would like to define my beat even more and live and breathe health and my ranging county.

  2. The Reynold's Foundation Fellowship I will be attending to this June I hope will make me into a stronger video shooter and editor. Along with that, I hope to have at least 2-4 video-only projects. I have a strong interest in that.

  3. I plan to (once again), jump start the Good Living Section on every third Wednesday of the month. Rather than just having a feature on the page, I'd really like to transform that page to cater to the Crossroads and its health.

  4. Blog more about my beat and myself.

  5. In my first year, I did a series on health care which I thought was OK for it being my first series. I hope to complete another series this year and improve on my planning skills and better the product you all will see in the paper on online.

  6. And of course, I'd like to get to know Victoria better. I'll admit, going from a higher-populated area with a lot of college students to Victoria was a major change. By all means I don't hate Victoria, though sometimes I feel the need to run away to go to more active place. I'd like to embrace the city more and understand what makes Victoria, VICTORIA.

That last bullet point brings something to mind. The other day I headed out toward Cuero and decided I wanted to drive down some dirt road and just park my car and stare up at the sky. The sight I saw was absolutely amazing. I had never seen so many stars in the night sky. It really was breathtaking. That truly was an "aha" moment.

Here's to another year in Victoria.

I watch this video constantly. My favorite part is 1:15 - 1:35 with the planes coming into LAX. It makes me happy. It makes me realize how short life really is and how we need to appreciate things in life.