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One of my latest articles, Battle of the Bulge, takes a look at Victoria in comparison to Corpus Christi, our closest big city neighbor and well, just that, a BIG city.

It was voted the fattest city not only in Texas, but in the nation. Not something to be proud about, though you have to admit that tortillas, fajitas and trash can fries hold a special place in our hearts, not to mention our waists.

In writing the story, I've realized how wrong I have been going about losing weight.

As much as I hate to admit it, I'll pull a Kirstie Alley and come out with it. I struggle with weight.

Not as drastic as Kirstie, but for the past five to six years I have always fluctuated between 155 and 210. As a former vegetarian, I can honestly say I felt healthiest and was at my lowest weight during those six months.

But as quickly as I had started my food lifestyle change, I had stopped. Then it all came back.

I'm on a constant crash diet. I'll randomly go vegetarian again, and I'll stay away from all burgers, pizza and well, anything tasty. Though I do see results and enjoy the food, after about two weeks I'm back holding that glazed donut, making that "I'm too tired to cook so I'll go Whataburger," stop and not exercising.

If I've learned anything writing and reporting on this story, I've learned not to let go of the things I love to eat, but to moderate. It's okay to occasionally have that burger and fries, just don't gulp Whatasize them.

Exercise really is the key to gradual, but real life-long results. Granted I do love eating healthy sometimes, knowing I can make that pit stop through a drive-thru every so often is comforting.