Blogs » The Daily Dose » Question of the Day: Do you think crime is high or low in Victoria?


Ranging reporter J.R. Ortega was at Ramsey's Restaurant Tuesday morning talking to people about the high numbers of crimes this weekend.

You can read Advocate reporter Gheni Platenburg's story here: Boy beaten by other teens among weekend crimes investigated by police

Here is what people had to say:

Image "We live out of town in DaCosta. We don't get to talk to a lot to people here." Mike McBee, DaCosta, turf/grass farmer

Image "I don't think it's extremely high. I believe our police force is really good. I know there is some crime, but that there is going to be crime anywhere." Kenneth Booth, Nursery, retired

Image "We're slow compared to San Antonio, but that's why we live here." James Broz, Victoria, rancher

Image "It's pretty bad here. The police aren't doing their jobs very good." Juan Rios, Victoria, mechanic