Blogs » The Daily Dose » Question of the Day: Do you think there are enough mental health services in Victoria?


Next week Pete Earley, the author of "Crazy," a book which talks about his family's struggle with their son's mental disorder and the criminalization of the mentally ill, will be speaking at Tuesday's lyceum at Victoria College.

His arrival got me thinking about how many mental health services are offered in Victoria. I've heard several health care professionals talk about the good number of services and I've also heard otherwise.

Here is what people had to say:

Image "I don't think there is. There is just not enough resources here." Domingo Diaz, Victoria, signal tech

Image "I really do think there are for people who are associated with family. The homeless, however there is not enough help for those people." Tillman Hale, Victoria, retired

Image "I do. There's lots of people I know who get counseling." Sgt. Sammy Barnes, Victoria, retired

Image "There is definitely a lack of mental health facilities. There's a lack of processionals here." Jennifer Ortiz-Garza, Victoria, Victoria College professor