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Did you know smoking cigarettes could be harmful to your health?

I'm sure you did.

And if you didn't, I'm sure the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's latest proposed cigarette warning advertisements wouldn't let you forget.

Check out some of these proposed cigarette warning advertisements.

I'd like to know your thoughts on some of the ideas the FDA is juggling. Remember these are only proposed advertisements.

Is the FDA pushing the envelope?

To be honest, I don't understand why the huge push for anti-smoking campaigns. I do, however, understand the push to make people understand the harmful effects smoking can have.

From the outside looking in, it almost seems as though those backing anti-smoking campaigns are trying to reach an unreachable target audience: the smoker.

I've known quit a few people who identify as smokers and they've mentioned how these advertisements are just a waste of time and space.

My mother is a smoker and fully understands what cigarettes can do to her health.

Do these ads all of a sudden make her want to quit smoking after 20 years? No way.

Perhaps the efforts to stop smoking, or rather, to stop non-smokers from becoming smokers, should be in the classroom. The effort makes more sense to start at an early age through intervention in the schools.

Does seeing an advertisement of a dead body in a coffin on the packet of a cigarette box while you're driving down the highway make you think twice or do you just roll down the window and light up another one?

This may be an interesting pro/con topic in the near future for myself or one of the other reporters.

I'd really like to know your thoughts on some of these proposed ads and cigarette warning ads in general.

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