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My Good Living feature this month is on national diabetes awareness. I've focused on one family who has been affected by diabetes and Ranging Reporter Dianna Wray and I thought it would be interesting to ask people if they thought there was enough awareness about diabetes in the community.

Here is what people at Ramsey's Restaurant had to say:

"A lot of it depends on who the doctor is and the follow ups he gives you. You don't really know until it affects you." Shirley Utesey, Victoria, Self-employed JNS water well

"People don't want to hear it. People avoid it. I take insulin and have a very good doctor who is on my butt all the time." Harry M. Dutton, Victoria, retired

"I feel like there is. Everywhere you look there is an ad on diabetes." Philip Trevino, Victoria, retired

"No. I hear about it a lot and people are getting diabetes everyday. It's pretty serious and it kind of just creeps up on people." Jordan Salazar, Victoria, Victoria College business management major