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You're probably asking yourself, "What on EARTH are you going to talk about in this entry?"

I'll start off just letting everyone know I'm that person who, without hesitation, clicks on any link reading 12 Ways to Lose Weight, 10 Great Vacation spots, and so on and so forth.

So it should be no surprise that I clicked on CNN's link about health myths.

The link simply read The Truth about 12 Health Myths.

I started thinking about a ritual that has been passed down to many families, primarily Mexican-American families, mine in particular.

The ritual? Ojo or the evil eye

Even recently, my mother performed the ritual on me. The ritual involves an egg, a very cold one at that, and a series of prayers in Spanish as the "curer" brushes the evil away from your body with the egg.

The "curer" then breaks the egg into a glass of water and waits to see if an eye forms. If it does, then they've cured you from the evil eye, or some sort of bad ill someone gave you either through staring or talking bad about you enviously.

My mother learned it from her mother, my grandmother, who was born in Mexico. I haven't learned it yet. I'm not sure I want to.

It sounds silly, but I've always thought it worked.

As a kid, I can remember falling suddenly sick and my mother or grandmother curando me de ojo or curing me of the evil eye. It seemed to always do the trick.

But looking back on it, I'd like some validity on whether this ritual does in fact work, or if it's just power of suggestion.

As an adult, I believe the latter.

What health myths do you know or believe in?

This isn't for an article, I just thought it would be interesting to hear everyone's thoughts.