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Ranging reporter J.R. Ortega was at Ramsey's Restaurant talking to people about tattoo art.

The Advocate has published several stories about tattoos and how mainstream the art has become.

Advocate Reporter Jennifer Preyss is working on a story this week about born-again Christians who are also tattoo artists.

This is what people had to say:

Image "I would never have one, but both my sons have one. I think it's an individual preference." Jerry Henderson, Victoria, retired

Image "In our generation, it was considered to be that you were on the bad side. This generation, it's different now." Donna Henderson, Victoria, general contractor

Image "I spent 20 years in the Navy and I don't have any. I think it's a personal thing." Leon Stolz, Victoria, retired

Image "It says in the bible you are not supposed to mark your body." Henry Wilkins, Victoria, retired