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The Victoria Advocate ranging reporters held a meeting today and we came up with some pretty neat ideas to better suit you, the reader.

The rangers, who would be me, Sonny Long, Jennifer Preyss, Kayla Bell and soon our new reporter Dianna Wray, will post the Question of the Day prior to the day we ask it.

You can find the Question of the Day in one of these rangers' blogs every day and we encourage you head out to the location they will be at if you feel you'd like to answer it.

We will also be putting the answers to the Question of the Day on our blogs along with the head shots of our participants the morning the question is answered.

We feel this will be easier for you to identify the ranging reporters and to find the answers to the day's question on the web site.

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have on what you'd like to see the ranging reporters doing out in the field.