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Ranging reporter J.R. Ortega was at Ramsey's Restaurants talking to people about Spanglish, a mix of English and Spanish.

Words such as lunch, in Spanglish would be lonche. The true Spanish word is almuerzo.

You can read Advocate reporter Gheni Platenburg's story on the unique language here: Spanish, English languages merge to make Spanglish

Here is what some Crossroads residents had to say:

Image "I hear it all the time. It's just slang." Mike Zamora, Victoria, shift supervisor

Image "I don't really hear it very often. Now I'm not out and about as often." Connie Brown, Victoria, retired

Image "It's in between. Some people know it and some people don't know of it. I think it's important to know lots of languages to know each culture." Maria Reese, Victoria, zumba instructor

Image "It depends on who you are talking to. Occasionally I will throw in a Spanish word in a conversation." Sean Swoboda, Victoria, UHV criminal justice major