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So, can it?

The idea of conversion therapy is nothing new. The controversial therapy has been around for decades but is in the news spotlight again. Reportedly, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's husband's counseling clinic offers the therapy.

There isn't much I can say on the topic, but I encourage you to listen to this NPR bit that talks about two men who sought out the therapy. Both had different outcomes.

You can listen to the story or read it here.

The American Psychological Association looked at several conversion therapy cases and ultimately concluded that the therapy did not work.

But for one man in the story, it did. So is he really "cured," as he put it, or has he just learned to mask his true self?

Coming out late in life is not uncommon. Coming out is even harder for men and women who realize late in life that they've been lying to themselves. Often times it ruins their marriage and sometimes the trust of their kids.

Then you have the more recent publicized gay suicides that have fueled organizations like the Trevor Project and It Gets Better, both LGBT organizations aimed at supporting youth dealing with homosexuality.

So what are your thoughts on conversion therapy?

Do you believe the therapy really helps convert someone to be heterosexual or is the therapy more harm than good?

Has homosexuality stigma pushed those who identify as gay to seek this "cure?"

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