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There will be an article in Thursday's edition of the Victoria Advocate about a free vaccination clinic being held Aug. 20.

Interviewing one of the main coordinators of the event got me wondering so many things about the responsibilities of being a parent or guardian.

JoAnne Settles, one of the co-chairs of Shots Across Texas event, was talking about how many more children are receiving their vaccinations well before school starts.

She has been helping organize the event for 18 years and has seen the rate of vaccinations increase.

To me, I was surprised so many parents wait so long to vaccinate their children. It wasn't even a century ago that childhood diseases, like polio and measles, killed off children by the hundreds, and here were are waiting to vaccinate?

I cannot stress how important it is to vaccinate children early and follow any booster shots closely. I may have been lucky, because my mom is a nurse, but I find it hard to believe that some parents wait so long for these vaccinations.

The state requires children be up-to-date on vaccinations by the time school begins.

I understand there are many low-income families who may have trouble paying for these immunizations, but free clinics like Shots Across Texas are there to help.

The Victoria City-County Health Department also sometimes has waivers set up for immunizations.

Get your kids vaccinated.