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Pretty soon you'll be reading about a 100-year-old Victoria woman who is still doing water aerobics. I don't even think I can keep up with her.

Here is what people at TNT Tacos had to say about staying active and healthy:


"I workout almost everyday whether it's walking around the neighborhood or ROTC."

Raven Solano, Fort Hood, student at Harker Heights High School


"I just work out when I can at the house. I'm not into gym. Running after my grandson also keeps me busy."

Freddy Solano, Fort Hood, student at Central Texas College


"I eat a little bit healthy and I go walking and jogging sometime."

Elanna Riedesel, Victoria, Colet Inn Bar and Grill


"I hit the gym everyday and it keeps the stress down. It's too hot to work out outside."

Bobby Spence, Victoria, oil field