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The story of Charla Nash receiving a face transplant has been in the news for the past couple of days, but I still can't help but stand in awe about how far medicine has come.

Warning, the photo is graphic.

Back in 2009, Nash was mauled by a 200-pound chimpanzee. She not only lost her hands and her eyesight, but her face.

Plastic surgery did the best it could, but now, Nash wears a new face, a much different one from the one she had before the attack.

On the same token, the advances in medicine can be somewhat scary, especially when it comes to plastic surgery. Several thousands of dollars can get you that new butt you want.

Or how about getting those breasts you weren't born with?

What will beauty look like if the world keeps going plastic?

You have young starlets like Heidi Montag, who, because of her brush with sudden television fame, felt the need to perfect what the world found wrong with her.

In the case of Nash, it has worked out well.

But what about the growing society of plastics walking around?

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