Blogs » The Daily Dose » Question of the Day: How do you decorate your home for the holidays?


When I was a kid, my parents would put lights up outside, and that was about it. No lawn or roof decorations or anything. Advocate reporter Erin Pradia is working on a story for Wednesday's paper about some of the most decorated homes in the area.

Here is what people out on the streets typically decorate:


"We've got to see how much money we have. Last year, I had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree."

Dorothy Young, Victoria, Whataburger


"My wife does it. I but it and she puts it up."

Mike Karalis, Houston, lights construction


"I like to see them tastefully done. Not a mishmash of just everything."

Stephanie Nalls, Victoria, freelance writer


"When my kids were younger we did. My wife now decorates the inside, not the outside."

Alex Herrera, San Antonio, H-E-B truck driver