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Ranging reporter J.R. Ortega was at Ramsey's Restaurant talking to people about the owner of the Ganado Theater, Alvin Svoboda, who has used his life savings to not only save his theater, but save one of the only main attractions the town has.

Svoboda is getting a new digital system to keep the film at his theater operating.

Svoboda's love for the town's theater got me thinking, what would I do for something I really cared about?

This is what people at Ramsey's had to say:


"I would sell anything I had in value just to keep what I care about."

Janie Pierda, Victoria, caregiver


"I would cut my salary and cut back on things just to have what I want to keep."

Rene Villarreal, Victoria, Invista operator


"I would go to any extent possible just because I care about that thing and would want it to stay apart of my life."

Carter Keating, Victoria, 7th grader at Trinity Episcopal School


"I probably wouldn't have the money but if it's that important to the community then I would go find friends and get sponsors."

Arturo Ecto Rodriguez, Victoria, retired school teacher