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Ranging Reporter J.R. Ortega was at a packed Ramsey's Restaurant this morning. 7 a.m. usually starts off with the regulars. It isn't until 8:30 a.m. that it really gets going.

Ash Wednesday is tomorrow and we're wondering what you are giving up for Lent. And if you don't observe, what would you consider giving up?

I'm giving up all meats. I once was a vegetarian for three months. I'm trying to jump start that again.

Here is what people had to say:


"I don't give up something, I choose something to do. Something I would not usually do that's focused on my faith."

Kathleen Keating, Victoria, full-time mom


"Coke, because I drink too much of it."

Rosemary Saenz, Victoria, paramedic


"Chocolate, because it's something I like an awful lot. That's what I love the most."

JoAnn Kucera, Victoria, retired


"I don't give up anything."

Richard White, Victoria, retired