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Ranging reporter J.R. Ortega was at Ramsey's Restaurant talking about the Advocate's upcoming story about a 72-year-old woman preparing to run a half marathon in January 2012.

Advocate reporter Gheni Platenburg will have all the details on this woman's drive, but us ranging reporters, we wanted to know, how do you keep fit?

Personally, I've been trying to pick the right foods and alternating between jogging three miles and yoga.

Here is what people had to say:


"I exercise and I also live on a farm. I get plenty of exercise."

Amber Windham, Victoria, radiology major at Victoria College


"You are what you eat. Eat the right foods and exercise."

Alan Bennett, Victoria, specialist


"I eat good and I exercise a couple of days a week."

Bob Blevins, Victoria, fishing guide


"Me and my wife place a little golf. We live on a golf course in Huntsville."

Norm Magnusson, Hunstville, retired