Blogs » The Daily Dose » Question of the Day: How do you think Warrior's Weekend helps soldiers?


Warrior's Weekend is finally here. The big event happens at Port O'Connor where hundreds of wounded soldiers will depart from the docks and go on a weekend fishing trip. I have never had the chance to see them depart, but I have worked on advances for the weekend.

Image "It's nice that people care. I'm sure it's better than just staying home." Gus Moss, Victoria, Victoria West High School student

Image "It shows respect for what they do." Neal Soester, Victoria, McDonald's

Image "That shows soldiers out there that people still care." Kielan Stewart, Seattle, Wash., door-to-door kids education books salesman

Image "It helps the wounded warriors get out. I know people who have volunteered. It's good." Oliver Koenig Jr., Victoria, contractor