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I was at TNT Restaurant talking to people about technology. Advocate Reporter Allison Miles will be at covering a technology show today and that got me to thinking about technology and how far it has come.

People had interesting answers. One of the people who answered even repeated the question to me asking what I thought was the worst piece of technology.

I said the Internet, simply because as helpful as it has been, it can also be very damaging. Bank accounts can be hacked, illegal pornography and downloading run rampant.

His answer for the worst invention is the mirror because it promotes vanity.

Here is what people had to say:


"Well thanks to Al Gore, we now have the Internet."

Rick Ramirez, Seguin, remodeling


"The Internet. It has helped connect people globally. It has leveled the playing field."

Eli Ramirez, Seguin, remodeling


"Cell phones. It is like having your life on the palm of your hand."

Joe Ramirez, Victoria, DOW Chemical


"AED defibrillators because they are everywhere and they save lives."

Bobby Gestner, Victoria, Dow Chemical