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I've heard about this type of photography before.

I have to say, I think what photographer Terri Shaver is doing is a great thing. I have interviewed several cancer survivors, particularly breast cancer survivors, and often the hardest part of the cancer for them is feeling like they have lost their femininity.

Whether it's from the chemotherapy that has them balding or the unfortunate mastectomy, sometimes these powerful women can't see how beautiful they really are.

I think Shaver captures this.

Just looking at the photos Shaver snapped of these two women shows exactly what Shaver's eyes see.

She is looking at the curves of a woman. Their delicate eyes and supple skin help showcase that femininity these women feel they have lost.

I've even heard about the more controversial photography of still-born babies.

It's controversial obviously because of the circumstance. I'd like to do a story on it, eventually.

Why do families choose to photograph these moments?

Personally, I think it captures life somehow, even if it has slowly deteriorated.

What strong women do you know? What do you think of the photography of moments like these? Do you think they are helpful?

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