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One of these days I will man up to getting my flu shot.

No, it's not the needle; I'm relatively OK with needles. But in all my years I have yet to get my flu shot and I've always turned out fine. I usually a nasty cold during the winter, but isn't the flu.

Flu season is in full swing and I believe everyone has their reasons for not getting their flu shot. Some feel they will get sick, others, like myself, have never had one and haven't been prone to flu.

From my point of view, I'd rather not introduce something new into my body. For 25 years I've been fine without one. Maybe one day I will need one, and I'm willing to do that when the time comes.

I encourage you to visit Texas' very informativeflu web site.

So what are your thoughts on the flu and the flu shot? Here is what some people in the area had to say about the shot.


“I do get my flu shot it helps with my allergies.”

Luana Thompson, Victoria, Charles of Victoria hair stylist


“I get it. I don’t want to get sick. It’s so simple.”

Barbara Patteson, Victoria, retired


“Yes, I get the flu shot to keep myself healthy.”

Lucio Garcia, Victoria, college student


“No, I don’t get my shot. I’m as strong as a horse.”

Ray Martinez, Victoria, Rain King roofing