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I believe I've blogged about this before, but I'll give it one more entry just because I feel it's that important.

For the past three months, I've been working on a four-part autism series chronicling the lives of four families, each dealing with autism in their own way.

Without giving away too much of their stories, the series looks at two children, a teenager and an adult. Each deals with certain issues. The pangs of being just diagnosed, trying to get the best education out there, dealing with puberty and dating and then there is dealing with being unemployed and dependent.

I'm very excited to finally see this series run. I'm still wrapping it up as I write this blog, but I've learned so much about these children and their families. I've learned so much about how our school district works with these kids and what programs are in place. Each interview I've conducted I've acted as if though I was a parent whose son or daughter was just diagnosed. It really helped shed light on the disorders.

I know it is my hope and the hope of the families I have talked to, that this series really helps bring out the autism community. May it help families barely going through this and those who may one day go through this.

What things would you like to learn about autism? Is there certain questions you have? I've made sure to cover the entire spectrum in terms of the disorders and the big issues each age group would face.

I'd like to hear your feedback. Comment on this blog, e-mail at or call me at 361-580-6504.