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I was out talking to people this morning at TNT enjoying their mighty good tacos. It's so hard to resist all the deliciousness, but I have to! After all, I ask Question of the Day there twice a week.

Today, we were talking about the livestock show and the Calhoun County Fair begins today. Reporter Dianna Wray will be out there looking for a nice daily feature to fit the mood.

We are wondering what your favorite part of the livestock is? Personally, I enjoy riding all the rides I can and indulging in some funnel cake. (Insert stomach growl here)

Here is what others said they liked about the fairs:


"The Beer Garden. I always go to that."

Vincent Veliz, Victoria, auto body shop owner


"When I do go, the kids like going to the petting zoo. It's fun to watch." Bruce Lott, Victoria, electrician


"The rides. I guess because they're a good thrill."

Brittney Ysaguirre, Victoria, Victoria East sophomore


"We don't go. We're always busy. We are always working."

Sabrina DeLeon, Victoria, works at motel