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It goes without mentioning, that whoever launched the pink breast cancer awareness campaign years ago has done a fantastic job.

You can hardly go anywhere without seeing pink items everywhere. Just the other day, I went to buy yogurt and it just so happened most of the yogurts supported breast cancer awareness.

Even I have worked on several stories here at the Advocate about breast cancer, especially during October.

There is the local pink fire truck, stories of survivors like Gayle Franklin (who I still talk to), and of course, breast cancer walks.

Well on Wednesday, I will be working on a story about our local push for breast cancer awareness.

Is it too much?

We have an Associated Press story that will be running with my story that talks about how some women feel the charity campaign has become too commercialized.

They've even dubbed it "pinkwashing."

Personally, I think having such a strong campaign definitely helps organizations like Susan G. Komen, not to mention local American Cancer Societies.

But then you have many younger people walking around with "boobies" shirt and bracelets. Has the message been changed? Do people remember what the campaign is about, or has it just become the "it" thing to do?

I met a woman several weeks ago during my Question of the Day rounds who was more than happy to answer my question about breast cancer awareness.

This was her response:


“There is awareness on cervical and breast cancer, but what about the men?” Margie Mascorro, Victoria, stay-at-home mom

Do you feel this is true? Do you feel other health issues are ignored? I'd like to know your thoughts.

Also, if you know of anybody I can talk to about this or have seem a very pink-geared business or place that I should check out, let me know about that, too.

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